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Bigg Boss is the top hit show in the world. Bigg Boss season 16 was also a top entertaining show in 2019. Now season 16 will start in 2022. There is no final news on the start dates of Bigg Boss 16 but according to news, the new season will start in September, and Registrations will start from May. But there is also news that the new season will be late this year because of COVID-19.

Registration process:

There are some few and easy steps to Registration To inter In the Upcoming Show Bigg Boss 16,

First of All, you know what are the requirements For Bigg Boss 16 TV Reality Game Show, The Bigg Boss Show is Looking Like a Simple Show Every Person Has to Desire To participate in Bigg Boss Show. In The Last Season Of Bigg Boss, Some Main Tv Actors and Actresses Performed In The Bigg Boss 16. Now In the Bigg boss 16, It’s Changed by The Last Bigg Boss Show.

In Bigg Boss 16 Some Lucky People Are Selected And In Thousands Of People Are Not Select Because Thy Have Less Knowledge Of Bigg Boss Show, I share With You some Important Tips For Selection In Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss 16 HD Video

Important Tips For Selection In Bigg Boss 16:

  1. First You Built-up Your Confidence.
  2. Focus On Your Dressing.
  3. Focus On Your Language You Can speak Hindi And English Mix Not Be focused In All over English Is this Lose You Confidence?
  4. Then Focus On Your Body Language.
  5. Not be embarrassed And Not be Frank With the Team of the Interview Panel.
  6. These Small Points are Take Very Important Roll In your Selection If you are over Confident It is your Lose Point Not a strength Focus In All The Small And Easy Points And Got Selected In The Great Reality Television Show Bigg Boss 16 By The Colors Tv.

Bigg Boss 16 Live

Bigg Boss Season 16 Eligibility Criteria:

These are the Some steps for the Eligibility For The Bigg Boss 16 If You Have These Things Then you can Apply for the Bigg Boss.

To participate in the show, He/she must have 18 years old or above it.

To participate in the show, He/she must be an Indian Nationality And Must be staying in India.

The participant should have the following documents a Driving License, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, Ration Card, Passport, and Telephone or Mobile Bill.

These are a Few steps to Apply for Bigg Boss 16 And Go to the Bigg Boss Home If You have Anything Missing From All given Data You Can’t Apply In Bigg Boss 16.

Online Registration 2022 Bigg Boss 16

The Procedure Of Online Registration and Auditions Is So Simple Every one Can Online Apply, The Team Who can Take Auditions They Can Short List The Eligible Candidates And Call The Short Listed Candidates And First Take The Interview, The Bigg Boss Team Checked The Confidence In the Interview.

First You Can Search The Registration Portal You Are Simple to Go to The Site voot.com And Download The App Register In the Application Fill in All The Given Details And Go To the Next

The Next Step In The App Of Bigg Boss Is You have Record a Video And Upload It, In This Video You Are Introduced Yourself, About Your Like Your Name, Residence, Your Education, And Why are you Interested In Bigg Boss Show, What is Different in You From Others The Video Time is Only 3 Mints, And The Video Size is 50MB Approximately.

The Next Step Is after Uploaded The Video You Can wait For The Call Of Audition, If Your Are Performed Well In the Audition Then Wait for The Short Listed Candidates BY The Bigg Boss 16 Team. And If You are selected In The Audition You get a call from Bigg Boss Team and you are Selected For Bigg Boss 16 Show.

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